Titled Greek Magic in a 2CD Box, the new album by composer Lefteris Mikalis has just been released.

Greek Magic

In Passion for Life (first CD) you are presented with 10 compositions, performed by the musicians:

Manolis Karantinis, Iosif Sarasidis, Georgios Ioannidis: bouzouki, sazi, tzouras, baglamas, guitars
Τigran Sarkissian: duduk, clarinet,panpipes
Thanasis Vasilopoulos: nei, clarinet
Spyros Kostis: accordion
Thanasis Margetis: violin
Ambul Hamurrat: percussion instruments
Μr. Alex: drums
Avet Kizirian: orchestration, programming, keyboard

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You can listen to the whole CD from our site for free by clicking HERE: Ακούστε το Passion for Life

In All About Love (second CD) you are presented with 13 compositions, performed by the musicians:

Τigran Sarkissian: duduk, clarinet,panpipes, amanes
Iosif Sarasidis: bouzouki, baglamas, whiff, sazi
Andreas Katsigiannis: santir
Thanasis Margetis: violin
Spyros Kostis: accordion
Avet Kizirian: orchestration, programming, drums

All About Love CD frontAll About Love CD back

You can listen to the whole CD from our site for free by clicking HERE: Ακούστε το All About Love

Passion for Life! is the new orchestral commitment of Lefteris Mikalis. This time his solid melodies gush out the feeling and beauty of the Hellenic landscapes. In this regard his collaboration with top musicians contributed as well. This way the timbre of the bouzouki, the clarinet, the panpipe and the violin lend magical dimensions. For Mikalis, Greece remains the world's dream mother. This is the belief he serves with his music. Embrace his belief by listening to the ethnic tunes he created in passion for life!

In Αll About Love Mikalis committed his whole essence of musical creation by recording an international ethnic hearing. Based on Greek rhythms and melodies, he accurately inoculated the aberrational Armenian colors. Moreover, the two nationalities, through a long joint history, always had successful blending. The orchestral music in our country usually comes second. That is because of the Greek people's power in songs. On the contrary, the Hellenic orchestral music, using its' brawny and emotional sounds, can talk in any language and touch all human souls.